Introducing: Timorris Lane

As a fresh college graduate trying to gain experience in the entertainment industry, you’ll inevitably find yourself doing work for or at least conversing with musicians that make you cringe. It’s an unfortunate element of paying your dues in this industry. However, it makes the experience of meeting gifted musicians that much more rewarding.

On a saturday morning I found myself driving to the Ritz Carlton in downtown LA to film a promo for a singer I had been put in touch with through a friend from a summer internship I had recently finished. My only experience I had with him was a hand full of texts and some promising videos of his performances. Essentially, I had no idea what to expect, but to make a long story short, I got to work with a performer that made my job into a relaxing afternoon.

Timorris Lane is not only a phenomenal R&B singer/songwriter but is totally comfortable in front of a camera, knows how to work smoothly in situations that others might make tense, and speak intelligently on the topics he’s interested in.

Check out Timorris Lane’s Promo (watch in HD)/Website and support a really talented young artist.