Introducing the Glasper Experiment.

This is another great example of Robert Glasper’s innovative style. However, this time you get to experience mastery and virtuosity of his band “The Robert Glasper Experiment.” Featured are drummer, Chris Dave, and Saxophonist, Casey Benjamin. The harmonica player, Grégoire Maret, is an acclaimed musician who has played with such greats as Pat Metheny, Cassandra Wilson, and Marcus Miller. If you haven’t heard of Chris Dave… well you should probably just go look him up.

What this music brings is heavy grooves, hooks, and harmonic ostinatos (a short chordal pattern that is repeated continuously throughout much of the song) that are heavily based in hip hop stylings. However, while the instrumental track of most hip hop artists is relatively one dimensional in their repetition (despite being heavily layered and constructed in a mature manner) the Robert Glasper Experiment brings the intellectual, virtuosic, and visceral intensity of young improvisers. Their trading of solos, call and response improvisation, double time feel and “borrowed time” drum fills adds a level of complexity to the smooth repeating chord figure that Glasper uses to hold it all together.