Introducing Robert Glasper!

If you’ve heard of Robert Glasper then you are probably familiar with his gospel/hip hop flavor in modern jazz and his abstract and virtuosic reinventions of early jazz standards and popular R&B hits. Though, if you haven’t been introduced to him, I decided to give you an example of his music that I feel can touch any person despite their musical taste. As of recent, he has become the new voice of, not just jazz, but modern music, in general, for young aspiring musicians. He has shown that advanced improvised music can still make people dance and can still make your heart rise with emotionalism. In an age of emphasis on commercialism, gimmicks, consumerism, and immature examples of sexual aesthetic true musical performance is what can bring us forward towards a feeling of urgency and importance in our ideals.


In the words of Dr. Cornel West, “music is in no way just a mode of amusement and entertainment; it’s an integral part of my way of life, my mode of being in the world. Music, we need when language fails us, but we cannot remain silent.”