In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Sorry, there’s no sound in this post, because in space, no one can hear you scream.

About two months ago NASA announced that it is working on a faster than light, warp drive engine; which surely must have elicited a very audible sound of rejoicing from Trekkies the world over.  NASA found that the energy requirements for such an engine weren’t as implausible as imagined, thus making such an engine very plausible indeed.  As a bit of a space nut myself, I thought that was very, very cool news.

Well, now comes reports from the land down under, here their scientists have finished doing their own research on the prospects of warp drive engines, and while they don’t refute NASA’s plausibility aspect, they have discovered some dire consequences of us warping the space time continuum.  In seems that our future Starship Enterprise would bring death and destruction with it to any star system it travels; not because it would be loaded with photon torpedoes, but because of what it would be dragging behind it in its wake.

The Aussie scientists contend that as our future missions to go where no one has gone before, our intrepid starship would accumulate a large amount of space debris that would get trapped in the warp field.  This isn’t a problem until the ship slows out of warp.  All of that debris would then continue to hurtle forward and rain death and destruction upon whatever planet (and the starship too) we are going to explore.  The longer the distance, the more the debris, the more hurtling destruction.

Sorry I had to through some Star Wars in there.