In Honor of Dave Brubeck

Not too long ago I had a post about Chris Brubeck’s band “Triple Play.”  In that post I included a video of that band playing a piece by Chris Brubeck’s father, jazz legend, Dave Brubeck.  Well, as I am sure many of you already know Dave Brubeck passed away yesterday (12/5) at the age of 91.  While I am by no means an expert on Dave Brubeck, nor have I heard all of his works, I am a fan of his.  In honor of he, his music, and his legend I thought I would share some more of his music here.  I’d love to hear some thoughts from those of you out there who may be more familiar with Mr. Brubeck’s music, and maybe even suggest what you would consider are “essential” listening for those who would like to become more familiar with this musical icon’s work.

Here is “Take Five” that is discussed in the above video:

Dave Brubeck discussing his jazz influences:

One of my personal favorites of Mr. Brubeck’s – “Koto Song:”

And of course “Blue Rondo a la Turk:”

The above aren’t even close to the tip of the iceberg that is Dave Brubeck’s contribution to music.  He will be missed, but at least we still have his music.