If You’re an Indie Music Lover


Hey guys, if you, or someone you know is an indie/college music fan, then may I recommend that you visit Happenin Records website?  No, we are not being compensated by this record label, it is just that I was directed there by a fan of the band Plains, which I wrote about in the post titled “They Come From Alabama?” and this label represents that band, as well as eight other bands.  If you like music that is not of the mainstream then I think you might find a little something right up your alley there.

Here is a list of who Happenin Records currently represents (each link takes you to a page where you can play a sample song from each band):

Vacation Club
Nightmare Boyzzz
Nowhere Squares
Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle
Holy Youth
Horrible Houses
and of course Plains

Here’s to finding new music, and feel free to share other sources, bands, etc., etc.