Hear Muffs – “The first headphones you wouldn’t kick out of bed”

Here’s an early 70’s magazine ad for some peculiar headphones, with an even more peculiar spin for an ad campaign:

Here’s the text from the ad:

Hear Muffs. The first headphones you wouldn’t kick out of bed.

The worst thing you could take to bed when you’re feeling warm and cuddly are cold, lumpy headphones. You’d make out much better with Hear Muffs, the first headphones designed for comfort while lying down – in bed, on the couch, or on the floor.

Hear Muffs don’t look like headphones, they look more like a giant fuzzy doughnut with a bite missing. And they don’t feel like headphones; your head doesn’t get clamped – it gets cradled. You rest on a soft cushion, not a lump of steel and plastic.

Take Hear Muffs to bed soon. The sound is pure and natural, with a wide frequency response and minimal distortion. Stereo and 4-channel models from under $30 to under $100. Write us for more information and the name of your local dealer.