Haute couture MIDI suit

Dubbed as the “haute couture MIDI suit for fashion conscious DJs”, the Denzipfaden was created by Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra.

Like DJs need to be any more fashion conscious. The suit gives you control over volume, samples, or pretty much any other aspect of music by, get this – pulling on the six golden zippers on the suit and a bracelet.

Made out of handcrafted golden silk and polyester wires and custom made golden zippers, the suit is a collaboration between Maartje Dijkstra and electronic composer Beorn Lebenstedt (Newk), who also wrote music for the suit.

The process of composing music did not change, because you can use any music for this suit, but the performance part became more intimate than we’d ever thought. The crowd usually does not see the DJ using the mixer. It is hidden behind the DJ desk and is overshadowed by a lot of attitude, arms in the air and jumping.

The idea is that it helps make a DJs job a bit more expressive. I guess anything beats watching someone sit behind a laptop.