Own the dryer that dried Axl Rose’s headbands

For some reason, Guns N’ Roses owned a dryer that it carted around in a road case on their tours.  I imagine that Axl had a lot of sweaty headbands or sleeveless t-shirts.

Whatever the reason, they owned a W-10 Kenmore Dryer to take on the road. Now that they spend a lot less time touring, they must have a lot less laundry to do since they are selling off the appliance.

For a $99 starting bid, you can own a part of rock history and wash your underwear in the same dryer as Guns n’ Roses.  You can see the auction here, and a number of other items other items such as an original pair of Peter Criss boots, several 8-track audio recorders that may or may not have been used by the group, and a mixing console.

The dryer comes complete with vented road case and, while it was working prior to storage, it has not been tested in a while. A number of items such as amplifiers, keyboards, rack/outboard gear, guitar effects, pedal boards, staging, props, back drops and road cases will be listed over the next few weeks.