Google Glasses Demo – Don’t be Evil

Don't be Evil Google...

Don’t be Evil Google…

When Google first started getting big, and the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin realized that they were off to becoming very wealthy individuals, they decided it was time for a company motto.  The motto they decided upon, as submitted by one of two Google employees, was “Don’t be Evil.”  Basically the motto is pointed towards other tech companies for simply using, nay exploiting their users as tools towards profits and information.  While the motto is not an official one, the founders did in fact mention the “don’t be evil” philosophy of their mega-corporation in a 2004 letter before the company’s stock went public and solidifying them as billionaires

Hmm . . . I’ll leave it up to everyone else as to how you think Google is doing in maintaining that “don’t be evil” philosophy, more than a decade on of its officially unofficial proclamation.  Now before you rush to judgement though, perhaps you should see the demo (spoof) video below, of Google forthcoming Google Glasses:

Google Glass Workplace Demo from Serious Lunch on Vimeo.

My two cents?  Well, I can’t quite bring myself to think that those spectacles are 100% good – perhaps Metallica can some it up best with their 1983 song, “Am I Evil?”  Yes you are Google, and apparently in the not too distant future (2014), not just Big Brother will be watching, but so will little sister, Mom, Dad, your neighbors, and that creepy dude at the supermarket, as well as countless other perfect strangers will be too.  Yeah, that sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?