Glasper Plays Wonder

In this amazing recording, Robert Glasper covers Stevie Wonder’s “Golden Lady.” If what I’ve posted about Glasper hasn’t gotten you’re attention yet, then this surely will. The recording, aesthetic, and most importantly, the playing, makes this video a constant return for me.

Often, the easiest way for listeners to appreciate Jazz music is to listen to interpretations of popular songs. Essentially, this could be seen as a main reason for the use of standards in the highly intellectual and virtuosic performances of bebop musicians in the 40s’ – present.

Using the familiarity of the original pop song and comparing it to Glasper’s interpretation, the use of new harmonies, inventive rhythmic concepts and the overall uniqueness of the arrangement for piano and bass are more easily visible.

This is the original version

Now for Glasper’s Version

2 Responses to Glasper Plays Wonder
  1. Monsieur Seb

    Wow! Never heard of Glasper before, but I’m in awe! He’s like the lovechild of Keith Jarrett and Kenny Kirkland!

    • Luke MacLean

      Yea, Glasper really knows how to hold an audience too. I would recommend all his albums but Black Radio and Double Booked are really good and showcase a pretty good balance between his traditional trio playing and the modern pop style he explores. I may do a post about Kenny Kirkland soon. Just watched a video of his Giant Steps performance. Guy is a monster.