Ghostland Observatory

So last night I was thumbing through the channel guide on the old television, lamenting the fact that nothing was on (is there ever though?) and as I scrolled down towards the bottom of the channels, where the “dreaded” local channels are, I saw that Austin City Limits was coming on PBS in about 30 minutes.  I didn’t tune in though – instead I went to bed.

However, as I was going upstairs to retire, I thought about an episode of Austin City Limits that I watched about 6 years ago.  I thought how then too it was a boring Saturday night, and I was again fighting off going to bed, and I just sort of landed on PBS that particular Saturday.  I didn’t have extended cable back then so I basically only had about 10 channels, and Austin City Limits won out.

For those who do not live states side, Austin City Limits is a long running (since 1976) music show on our Public Broadcasting System (PBS), that is filmed/taped before a live studio audience in Austin Texas.  It is known for having musical artists from just about every genre, some popular, some not – though few, if any, are what would be called “pop idols” like Justin Bieber.  Well that particular boring Saturday night, I happened to tune in when one of the lesser popular artists were on.  They were/are a duo, based out of Austin Texas itself, called Ghostland Observatory; and I was absolutely riveted at what I saw.  Soon after though, I all but forgot about them – until last night, as I lay down to go to sleep.

Now, I am not too sure how I feel about their music.  I mean I like it, but I cannot say that I love it; but I am not exactly a big fan of electro music.  If a friend is playing that type of music I will listen without complaint, however I do not generally tune to it in my house or car.  If you notice what I said in the previous paragraph though, I said I was riveted by what I “saw.”  That is because the front man for this duo Aaron Behrens (the drummer/producer is Thomas Turner) is definitely one of the most entertaining front men to watch that I have seen in a long, long time.  He reminds me of a Jim Morrison (though sober), mixed with some James Brown, and maybe a little Elvis.

Below is a video of Ghostland Observatory Performing their song “Vibrate” live (Not at Austin City Limits):

Here is a video from that Austin City Limits episode, with Ghostland Observatory performing “Sad Sad City:”

And one more for good measure, here Ghostland Observatory performs “Ghetto Magnet:”

I think I am definitely going to have to see these guys live at some time.  If you watch any more live videos of this band you will see and hear the crowd are definitely into it.

2 Responses to Ghostland Observatory
  1. adam

    Bringing back some good memories. I saw these guys play in nyc a few years back. The crowd was CRAZY for these guys. I truly enjoyed myself, but i never went out of my way to buy the record…

    • tim

      Hey Adam, yeah, these guys look to put on a very entertaining show, but I have heard the very same songs I posted, but without the video, and they just don’t seem as good as when you are watching them (particularly Aaron) perform. To some that may sound weird, but it’s just how I feel.

      Thanks For the Comment,