Finding the source of a sample

Matt Harding used the exact same vocal sample as the Deep Forest song Sweet Lullaby in a not-for-profit viral video.  Unlike Deep Forest (whose record sold >3 million copies), Matt decided to seek out the source of the sample, and in so doing met the family of the original singer.

As it turns out, the sample was originally recorded by ethnomusicologist Hugo Zemp in the Solomon Islands, way back in 1971.

“Everyone on Malaita knows the “Sweet Lullaby” song. They’ve heard it on the radio. Patrick confirmed that, at least to his knowledge, no one has ever received any kind of payment for use of the recording in an international hit pop song or its reuse in – ahem – a fairly popular internet video. Everyone is vaguely aware that some sort of payment is warranted, but no one has any idea what to do about it. And that’s how things have stayed for 15 years.”

There are more details of Matt’s trip right here