2 Responses to Extended dynamic range
  1. Will

    That does bring back memories! When I first started getting LPs, my aunt advised me to get 90-minute cassettes and tape one album on each side. The idea was you would put the record away and only play it rarely to keep it from wearing out. Now if I’d have had the brains to hang on to my original Led Zeppelin III.

  2. Robert

    Ah, yes, I had lots of the Memorex dBS and the “Laser,” and lots of other cheapies in the late 80s/early 90s. Somewhere around ’94 I was old enough to start buying my own. My favorites were Maxell; they had several different “models” that were excellent. BASF made some great ones for the price as well.

    I remember that when CDs had completely taken over (I’m thinking ’93-94 maybe), albums were routinely more than 45 minutes long, and wouldn’t fit on one side of a 90 minute tape anymore. Led to a lot of screwing around with where to put the break, if the cover didn’t list the track times!