Elliot Carter

Who is Elliot Carter?  Well, honestly I didn’t know who he was either until a very good friend of mind posted on Facebook a message that closed with “RIP EC.”  Me, not being down with the reference, asked who is EC; and that is when I was enlightened that my friend was referring to Elliot Carter.  So, I then hit up Google for some help and found out that Elliot Carter is/was one of the most regarded, respected, and prolific composers of classical music of the modern age.  He continued to write and compose music deep into his nineties, and passed away on November 5th of this year, at the age of 2003. He is really a fascinating person and I encourage you to Click here to learn more about him.

I want to thank my friend, who is also a composer, for enlightening me as to who Elliot Carter is/was, and in both my friend’s and of course Elliot Carter’s honor, here is one of Mr. Carter’s many, many pieces called “The Minotaur” – enjoy: