Don’t Tell Mom, but You Can Play With Your Food

We’ve all heard it from our Mom’s, when we were kids, “Don’t play with your food!”  Okay, maybe it was just me, but when I was a kid I, like many kids, didn’t like, nor did I eat my vegetables.  Instead I just pushed them around my plate (I tried giving them to my dog, but she didn’t want them either) until Mom finally got so exasperated and told me to leave the dinner table.  Now I am an adult and to be perfectly honest, I not only eat my vegetables, but I find a meal incomplete without a veggie being on the plate.

Well, apparently these adults never listened to their Moms’ on the not playing with their food front.  They instead decided to continue playing with their food, which, some how, that continued playing with their vegetables led them towards making music with them . . . Um, wait, what?!

Yes, apparently they recorded an album.  I don’t know if it is available on iTunes™ though...