Dolphins Give Each Other Names?


I think it is a pretty safe assumption that the vast majority of us humans recognize that dolphins are extremely intelligent animals.  Some believe dolphins are the second most intelligent creatures on Earth, behind us humans (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ranks humans as the third most intelligent, with the dolphin still being second); so yeah, the dolphin gets some pretty mad props for their brain power.

Okay, so we can train a dolphin to jump through hoops, and all sort of other tricks, but you know what?  You can, by and large, train a tiger to do similar things; does that mean a tiger is as smart as a dolphin?  Well, since I am no intelligence measuring scientist I don’t really have an answer to that question, but my intuition tells me no, tigers are not as smart as dolphins.  So, what makes many people believe that dolphins are the 2nd most intelligent animal on Earth?  To put it in the most elementary of terms it is language.

Scientists have been studying all of those squeaks, clicks, and whistles that dolphins make for sometime now, and they believe that all of those sounds equate to words used for one dolphin to communicate to another.  The studies have even led scientists to discover that dolphins in different locales even have different dialects, just as people do.  Well, scientists continue to study and analyze all of those clicks, whistles and squeaks, and they have come to an interesting new discovery.  That discovery is that it appears that dolphins have “dolphin language” given names.

According to a recent study published in the Royal Society of Biological Sciences, researchers found that dolphins have the ability to call out for lost loved ones, when separated, using a specific whistle.  This whistle seems to be the dolphin equivalent of a name, as it only ever refers to that one individual.  Let’s see (or rather hear) a tiger do that.

Okay, so most researchers and scientists agree that all of those sounds made by dolphins equate to some sort of language, and now they believe that dolphins have their own dolphin given names, but sadly they don’t know what those names are, nor do we know the “words” that they are saying.  Hopefully, before all of them leave as in Hitchhiker’s Guide, we will one day find out what all of the dolphins are saying, and of course we will then know their given names:

I think this one said there are some who call him…Flipper?