Do dogs have perfect pitch?

We all know that dogs have great hearing, but scientific analysis seem to suggest that many dogs have a very, very good sense of musical pitch as well.

Some work with wolves has shown that when howling, a wolf will change the pitch of it’s howl to a different pitch when other join in to create a “chord”, and no wolf seems to want to end up on the same note as any other in the choir. Dogs will do somthing quite similar, and this is why if you ever hear a dog howling along with a group of singing people, you can hear the dog easily because it stands out so much – he is deliberately not in the same register as the other voices.

Now, years and years of seeing this ad in countless magazines tells me that many people wish that they could have perfect pitch, but it’s possible that dogs already have this ability.

Here is a very interesting video of a dog playing a piano keyboard:

To start, the owner speaks note names and the dog plays them – cute, but not a big deal.
After 5:10 the dog starts to match notes just by ear
After 10:50 it starts to get really interesting the dog plays melodies by ear.

Check it out: