Homemade headphone amp is a work of art

Rupert Hirst is an electronics hobbyist from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He’s put together a project that is absolutely stunning in it’s simplicity and elegance – a top-notch-beautiful headphone amplifier.

The headphone amp doesn’t use a PCB or circuit board of any type, all the connections are made via direct connections. The whole thing is self-supporting due to the stiffness of the leads and wires that connect the components together. There’s a nice bright LED in the circuit to add that little bit of bling, and attached to the circuit is ¬†an input and an output jack, and that’s it.

Instead of going the traditional route and putting the whole mess in a plastic box, Rupert decided to show off the beauty of the circuit itself, and encased it all in clear resin. The resin gives the amp some structural integrity, and also acts as a great insulator. After the resin had set, he polished it up with a belt sander and turned it into a beautiful piece of art.

Check out the pictures below, click to enlarge. Wow, who said that electronics couldn’t also be art?

2 Responses to Homemade headphone amp is a work of art
  1. raymond youmans

    Beautiful. Absolute cool.