Dictaphone parcel

Lauri Warsta graduated from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art in 2010, and before that, he graduated from UCCA, Maidstone with a BA Animation degree.

Lauri has put all of this talent together to create this concept, and the resulting video and animation. “Dictaphone Parcel” is an animation based on the real sound recorded with a dictaphone travelling secretly inside a parcel.

As the hidden recorder travels through the global mail system, from London to Helsinki, it captures the unexpected. We hear a mixture of abstract sounds, various types of transport and even discussions between the mail workers. The animation visualizes this journey by creating an imaginary documentary.

The sounds, combined with the animation really get the imagination going. That being said, I’m calling shenanigans on the fact that it really was a reel-to-reel in that box. I can’t imagine it making the trip intact, not to mention I’ve never seen a tape that lasts for 3 days! Nevertheless, I think this video is truly remarkable – it’s a beautiful work that dances between abstraction and representation.

“Dictaphone Parcel” was awarded the Passion Pictures Prize in London, in February 2010.

Watch it here:

One Response to Dictaphone parcel
  1. David S.

    Nice video and concept. It should be noted that Janek Schaefer did something nearly identical, minus the video, in the 1990s: http://www.audioh.com/projects/recorded_delivery.html