4 Responses to Dave Grohl on Nickelback
  1. Patrick

    Pot. Kettle. Black. Those who front shitty alternative bands should not make fun of other shitty alternative bands.

    • Rox


      Dave Grohl has more class in his baby finger and makes better music than Chad could ever dream of.

    • Chris

      Pot. Kettle. What????? When was the last time Nickelback sold out Wembley stadium? Played with members of Zeppelin? Wrote a decent song? Nuff said. Foo Fighters are 10 times the musicians, and that’s just Dave Group’s 10 fingers.

  2. Michael-Rex

    The subjective voice of the term “shitty” aside, The Foo Fighters actually put musicianship into their work. I’m fairly certain that if you could convince a beginner musician to put up with Nickelback long enough, you could teach him/her all four of their songs in no time.