Dave Brubeck and Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play

I was trying to think of something to post today, and I was honestly drawing a blank.  I thought about further exploring people who have, or are trying to make music from the sounds of the cosmos – Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart is working on such a project – but I really couldn’t find any good examples.  Besides, I’ve lost more than a little adrenalin on that subject too.  I then found some rare prog-rock compilations, but upon hearing some of them I thought they sounded too close to the Zodiac post I did a few days ago.  Then I came across a group called The Piano Guys, and they are very, very talented, but given that millions of people have already seen their videos, I think it is a safe bet that many of you already know how talented they are.  I then went old school, and started listening to some Duke Ellington, and I thought maybe I could share some of his music here; but then Dave Brubeck jumped into my head, and I was certain that was where I was going to go . . .  until I remembered something.  I had actually seen his son, Chris Brubeck, in concert several years ago, in a small town in South Georgia.  So, here for your listening enjoyment is Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play, comprised of Chris Brubeck, Joel Brown, and Peter “Madcat” Ruth, playing “New Stew Opus 2.”

And if you want a little Dave Brubeck, then here he is with his son’s band, playing “Blue Rondo a la Turk.”

5 Responses to Dave Brubeck and Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play
  1. Brando

    Chris Brubeck also wrote a pretty sweet Bass Trombone Concerto for Symphony Orchestra. It’s in the genes, I suppose…..

    • tim

      Yeah, Chris Brubeck and the rest of the Brubeck family for that matter, are extremely talented. Thanks for the comment.

  2. mic

    This is absolutely fantastic. I live in a small town & never really get to see performances like this. They are masters, not only in their approach & time, but down to the small details like their mic technique, etc.

    jealous of everyone who got to see that.

    • tim

      I saw Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play in Thomasville Georgia, which is a small town in South Georgia, and the show was awesome. You should check to see if there is some sort of organization in your town that could try and get Triple Play to come and put on a concert there. I am willing to bet that Chris Brubeck and gang would gladly show up. They put on a very entertaining show, playing their material as well as some of his Dad’s too.

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