Credit cards as musical instruments

If you’ve ever held a credit card or a ruler against a counter, with a bit overhanging the edge and turned it into a musical instrument, you’ll have an idea of what this is all about.

The project above project was a promotion for local Austrian banks, but it’s also a great demonstration of what you could do if you wanted to make some DIY instruments out of bank cards.

Vienna-based composer Dr. Richard Eigner describes the project::

Mario Wienerroither, Gernot Ottowitz (Audiobakery) and me have been approached by Young & Rubicam with a very intriguing idea: build instruments out of cash cards and write a musical piece with the freshly assembled sonic devices for their client Ā»Erste Bank & SparkasseĀ«. Challenge accepted! You can see the result above. The video was shot by our dear friends from Jenside. This page features my very own cash card instruments designs.

Here are a few of the instruments that the team created and played in this video:

  1. Musicbox Cash Cards
  2. Cash Card Duochord
  3. Cash Card Kalimba
  4. Cash Card Laserbass
  5. Cash Card Monochord
  6. Cash Card Ratchet Snare
  7. Cash Card Ratchet Shaker