$99 coat hanger

DougOlsen seems to have a faily interesting item for sale on Audiogon.  It’s a caot hanger, bent into a longer shape, marketed as a “cable puller”.

Yes, it’s a regular coat hanger.  Very cheaply priced at $99 (That’s $151 off list!), it should appeal to audiophiles everywhere.

Tired of high prices for audio accessories? I am and have decided to offer my cable puller at a price far below competitor pricing if they were ever to produce this extraordinary audio device.

Typically you would expect to pay $250, a common price point for even the cheapest imports. My product may be an import, I just don’t know for sure. You can get the “cable puller”, a top tier item in its product class for just $99 and this price is in effect until the ad expires.

The most significant and outstanding feature of the cable puller is that it is capable of quantum tunneling.

This ad is definitely a joke, but if you did buy it, it could double as a high-end audio cable.

One Response to $99 coat hanger
  1. Scott

    Reminds me of the Joy of Tech explanation of premium cable prices…