Charlie Brown

Aren’t we all proud of our music collection in some way?  I’ve always thought that just about everyone feels the need to be in some sort of “club”, and they often define themselves by this.  For example skinheads, vegetarians, democrats/republicans, mountain bikers, emo kids, heroin users, the list goes on.

How many of us (at least partially) define ourselves by the music we listen to?

2 Responses to Charlie Brown
  1. Stéphane Tavera

    Reminds me of an interview of Peter Gabriel looong time ago.
    It said something like that
    “the discs we are buying are part of the artillery with which we announce ourselves to the world… I read this scary statistic that on average a disc was played 1.2 times”

    Your blog is fantastic. Keep going !

  2. efabric

    I’m in the peanuts club with Charlie !