Braveyoung (A Story…)

BraveyoungRock music has always been a place of congregation for misfits, but hardcore punk drives the black sheep even further underground with a focus on DIY culture, self improvement, anarchist view points and a strong sense of brotherhood often laced with violent tendencies. The point is that the culture is just as important, if not more important than the three chord gang vocal onslaught that makes up just about every single song you hear from these bands. But with such a deep rooted and emotional culture surrounding this type of music one might ask when it stops becoming an anthem and starts becoming a voice.

Braveyoung is a group that focuses on space and texture. Layers and pulses are used to create extremely dense contrasts of melody and atmosphere, and although their aesthetic comes from the heavy underground, their approach is a magnification of the emotion and sincerity that inspires it. Most often they are found playing in tiny dark corners where their amps can cover an entire wall as the audience squeezes into a living room or cold cellar. If it all seems very minimalist, that might be the point. Writing and the road has always seemed the focus, and in addition to their music, works of photography and painting have always accompanied it.

The importance of this group is its ability to make people stop, close their eyes, and listen to the moment. Often performing sets with extremely heavy and aggressive acts Braveyoung can grab a room of volatile personalities and set them floating, eyes closed and swaying. The music is personal and therefore universal. In its space there is room for contemplation and introspection; it helps us to remember that our lives are a story that is cause for interest and celebration.