Belated Homage to 50 Years of James Bond

As the title says, this is my belated homage to 50 years of James Bond.  The thing that hit me was that for some strange reason I the chorus to “Goldfinger,” hit me as I was watching Doctor Who last night.  Other than both Bond and Doctor Who being English, I can’t think of any real reason why the chorus from “Goldfinger” would pop in my head while watching Doctor Who.  Anyway, I took it as a sign, and decided I would do some sort of Bond themed post today.

I first thought that I would simply post what I think is the best “Bond Song,” and no it isn’t “Goldfinger.”  Then I thought I would do a top ten list of Bond songs.  That was when another thing hit me.  There are 24 Bond movies (23 by EON Productions, 1 by MGM) and pretty much each has it’s own theme.  Some are memorable, others are utterly forgettable.  The below video has 30 second snippets of all of the Bond songs, including “Skyfall,” by Adele, followed by a list of my five favorites.

5:  From Russia with Love (John Barry Orchestra) – I just like that it is an instrumental, though there is a version with lyrics sung by Matt Monro.

4:  You Only Live Twice (Nancy Sinatra) – I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I dig it.

3:  Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney) – I think it captures the essence of Bond films; fast, with bouts of um, “tenderness” (you know “loving” the ladies).

2:  A View to a Kill (Duran Duran) –  I admit some teenage nostalgia caught me here, but I do think it is catchy.

1:  The Bond Theme (John Barry Orchestra; music by Harry Mancini) – C’mon man, admit it, when you think of James Bond you hear this song.

That’s my top five, and I don’t proclaim it to be the quintessential list, just the ones that tickle my tastes.  Feel free to share your lists if you’d like.