Beck’s next album is going to be in book format with no recorded music

Yes, you read that right. Beck’s next album is going to be released as sheet music in book form only – there will be no CD, no recorded music. How it sounds will be up to anyone who buys the book.

How retro is that?

It’s going to contain 20 brand new songs, complete with full-color, vintage sheet music-type art for each song and hardcover carrying case (and, when necessary, ukelele notation).

Apparently an experiment in post-post-post rock, the idea of this new album called “Song Reader” is for the songs to be brought to life in many different ways, with many different interpretations by different musicians. It will feature original art from Marcel Dzama (who created the imagery for Beck’s acclaimed Guero) and others, and also a forward by Beck.

Beck is going to solicit interpretations of his sheet music songs, and feature selected renditions from musicians on the McSweeney (the people producing the book) website.

The album book is slated to be available December of this year.