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Yes, Long Live Molvania

Okay, I was just cruising around the ol’ “interweb” looking for something good to post today, and I came across the following video. It isn’t new, it has been around since May of 2007, and it isn’t rare either, because it has been seen over 2 million times since its upload; but once I saw it I had to share it.  The title of the song is called “Elektronik Supersonik,” and the video is listed on YouTube as “The Worst Music Video.”  It is so bad it is, dare I say – good?  I know it must be a spoof, because (1) there is no country called Molvania, (2) the artists are obviously in costume, and (3) the lyrics are ridiculous, bordering on ludicrous – which I have included under the video, so you can sing along.  Feel free to share other songs that are as bad, if not worse, than this one.  Now without ado, here is the band ZLAD! and their, um, “breakout” single “Elektronik Supersonik.”  Enjoy.

Hey baby wake up from your a sleep
We have arrived onto the future
And the whole world is become….

Elektronik, Supersonik,
Supersonik, Elektronik,

Hey baby ride with me away,
We doesn’t have much time,
My blue jeans is tight,
So onto my love rocket, climb,
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love,
Above us, there is nothing above,
but the stars, above

All systems gone!
Prepare for downcount!

5….4….3….1! Off blast!

Fly away, my space rocket,
You no need put money in my pocket
The door is closed I just lock it,
(Ha) I put my (Ha) port plug in your socket (Ha Ha Ha)

The sonic sky is bright like fire
You and me gets higher and higher
Cut communication wire
Only thing can stop us is flat tire

Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha

Hey love crusaider
I want to be your space invader
For you I will decend the deepest moon crater
I is more stronger than Darth Vapour
Obey me I is your new dictator
For you is Venus, I am Mars
With you I is more richer than all the tzars
Make a wishes on a shooting stars
Then for you I will play on my cosmic guitars!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Fasten your beltseats
We has commenced our decent
I trust you enjoy this flight
As much as you enjoy this accent

Now back on Earth its time for downsplash
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash
People have arrived for cheer me from near and far
And as I float I open door and shout
“I am worlds biggest, washed-up superstar!”

(Supersonik, Elektronik)

As for sure as the sun rises in the west
Of all the seas and all the boats I am the bestest
come, let me put ring of Jupiter on your finger
Then like a smell around you I will forever linger
Ok, is time for end, no more will I sang
Let me take you back in time,
I want for you to experience big bang

Long live space race
Long live, Molvania

Finding Real Music Played on the Theremin

The theremin, that strange and kooky electronic instrument that gave us the theme from the original Star Trek television show in the 1960’s, and again brought back to the popular culture through CBS’s hit Sit-Com “The Big Bang Theory,” and that shows quirky character Sheldon Cooper (played by actor Jim Parsons).

For whatever reason it is/was I was thinking about the theremin today and decided to try and find more music that not just utilizes it, but actually features it.  I mean the only instances I am aware of it being used is the afore mentioned Star Trek theme, and the Big Bang Theory.  In the first the music just made by the Theremin sounds as dated as the special effects in that television show, in the second the theremin is used primarily used as a comedic device – which is understandable since the Big Bang Theory is a comedy television show.

Using the glorious power of the internet, and specifically YouTube, I found the below video featuring Pamelia Kurstin, who is, of all things, a theremin virtuoso, playing a piece from her album “Thinking Out Loud.”

Upon listening to that piece by Ms. Kurstin, I think virtuoso is an apt title given to her.  I find the music in that piece pleasing in a rather haunting way.  At times her playing of the theremin sounds like a weeping violin, and at others it sounds as if there is a Gregorian like chorus in the background, and rarely does it sound like the music is being made by something that I think most people would agree is a non-traditional instrument.

Then there is this piece by Peter Pringle, called “Lemminkainen Dream,” using an electric kantele, and a theremin, which is equally impressive, if not more pleasing than the one above.

Gloomy Sunday – The Suicide Song

Remember the movie “The Ring,” and/or the Japanese original “Ringu?”  For those who are not familiar with either of those movies the gist of it is this:  people watch a creepy video, then receive a phone call from a creepy girl, who then delivers the creepy message that the person who just watched the video will die in seven days.  Essentially the video causes people to die.

Good thing it is only a movie huh?

Now, what if I told you though that there was a song written in 1933 that drove several people to commit suicide?  The song was recorded in C-minor and is dripping with melancholy; so much so that several press reports from that time attribute 19 suicides to the song, which led to authorities and radio stations banning the song from being played.  The music was written by Hungarian pianist Rezso Seress, with the lyrics written by his partner Laszlo Javor in their native Hungarian.  The song was translated in several other languages, including English, and the most popular version was recorded by the late great Billie Holiday.

Below are both the original Hungarian version and Billie Holiday’s version.  I’m not sure which one is most responsible for causing suicides is, so listen at your own risk…

Gangnam Style Dancing Robots

Okay, you’re tired of it, I’m tired of it, but it is a global something or other – I guess some might say “phenomenon,” but I can’t bring myself to give it that kind of acknowledgement.  Regardless of what people like me think though, some don’t appear to be as tired of Psy and his Gangnam style, as evidenced by this video of robots dancing to that song at GITEX Technology Week, at the ITU Korean Pavillion in Dubai U.A.E.

Hmm, not quite Asimov’s “Robot Dreams” is it?


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