Some audiophile expectation bias stupidity from

A search thru the usenet failed to come up with prodigious posts to do with a great tweak I had heard about somewhere.

I found myself happily out of week-end work around the house lately and decided to replace the bubble wrap around my speaker cable; the air had leaked out of most of the pockets and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It took the better part of an hour to cover all 16 feet; I had even built some buffers to put between the walls and cable where the cable was pressed snug to the wall..

But when it was done the effort proved worthwhile; bass was noticeably tighter and better delineated, more air around instruments in a clearer soundstage, voices somehow more expressive. On a lark, I did the interconnects as well and that revealed yet another another increase in resolution. It could have been the wine with dinner, I guess, but the next day it still sounded more open and transparent than ever, so… regards, Brian Burke

… then again, maybe it was the wine with dinner.

3 Responses to Audiophiles
  1. Dr. Chocolatex, PhD

    This is almost cute…

  2. Coastliner

    Works better if the bubbles are filled with nitrogen.

  3. Ventura

    I dare every present soul to try this at home and post the result here, before doing any more silly commentaries ….

    Try something simpler, if you don’t have bubble wrap at hand use some foam of any kind and elevate all your cables from the floor …

    Amzed ???