Armando Trovaioli passes at 95

You probably have no idea who Armando Trovaioli is, or was, as the case may be. Well he was an Italian film composer, who worked with the likes of jazz greats Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis. He is most commonly known as the “voice of Rome,” for his most popular work, “Roma Nun Fa’ La Stupida StaSera,” (typically translated to Rome, Don’t Be Stupid Tonight) which sort of became the unofficial theme song of Rome:

Mr. Trovaioli was so much more than that song though, and scored several Italian films dating back to 1949, such as scoring Giuseppe De Santis 1949 film Arroz Amargo (Bitter Rice in English), and the internationally acclaimed “El Negro Zumbon:”

I think though that this may be my favorite score by Armando Trovaioli:

Though this this isn’t too bad a song either: