Annoying Sounds

Annoying SoundsSound, after all that is what this blog is really about; not just music, but sounds.  Music is sound, it is just that the sound(s) are organized by notes, which then makes the “sound” more appealing.  Music is like language, in that a language is organized sounds coming from our mouths that others will recognize as words and speech.   So music and speech are sounds, but obviously not all sounds are music.  Some sounds are really quite annoying, and dare I say the worst sounds to a human ear – well at least my human ears,

Alarm Clock.



Jets Landing/Taking Off; particularly if you live near an airport and they serve as your wake-up call on the weekends.

Barking Dogs – and I say that as a dag person, but that doesn’t mean one should find joy in hearing dogs barking all the time.

Fingernails Scratching a Chalkboard.