I’m presenting this as more of a work of art rather than sound reproduction equipment, so I’m going to forget about specs, and leave it to the designer’s description to give you an impression of what this turntable is all about:

The aeroarm is not for the faint-hearted. It is not a “fit it and forget it” device. It was neither designed as a ‘product’ nor propaganda of promises. It will not buy you time nor ease your life. Indeed, it may drive you crazy… So, what is it?

The aeroarm is a sonic microscope, an instrument for extracting information stored in analogue record grooves. It does this without judgement, simply “doing what it says on the tin” without flattery, prejudice or desire.

he goes on to say:

The aeroarm will not work unless it is perfectly horizontal. It will not work if its air supply is contaminated or inadequate. And, as with any other ‘surgical’ instrument, cleanliness is vital: if it is ‘unclean’ in any way, it will clearly tell you so. It must be aligned and operated with understanding, constant care and exactness.

The aeroarm is a precision tool, a beautiful object in its own right, a sculpture. It runs off compressed air much like this.

I’ll leave it at that – just enjoy it for how it looks (mainly because you likely can’t afford the $30k price tag!)