Absurdly huge bass subwoofer

A bunch of University of Wisconsin PhD engineering students decided to build a massive 6000 Watt ‘bass cannon’for the UW-Madison Engineering Expo.

The cone of the speaker is made of polycarbonate and is 6 feet in diameter, with the cabinet measuring 8ft x 8ft x 2ft or 128 cubic feet. Very disappointingly, I sortof doubt this would fit in my car.

The whole thing was custom made, including the voice coil, magnet assembly, cone, surround and case. The speaker works best in the 5Hz – 50hz range, and unfortunately the video below doesn’t do it much justice.

We found the resonant frequency of the building it was in which caused “annoyance” for people several floors above us in the opposite side of the building. We were partially inspired by Doc Brown’s speaker from Back to the Future.

I’m not sure what ‘annoyance’ meant, but I wonder if it had something to do with the brown note.

Here’s a video of the Giant Speaker in action:

2 Responses to Absurdly huge bass subwoofer
  1. Mevlana

    i would like to use that for when i preform live… if interested in renting haha i would really love it or if you could build it again

  2. Eddie

    man i coulda just amagine playing my bass guitar thru a sub that sized. why dont noone make bass cabs like that for sale to public. i no it would be alot of money but id be getting one.