A Master’s Thoughts

Often, there arises an illusory dichotomy when looking at the fine arts versus technology of the modern day. The aesthetics of electronic dance music and the total control or seeming perfection that the recording studio offers to pop music is seen as a paradigm which is wholly separate from the great Romantic composers or the flowing lines of Charlie Parker’s bebop. Digital sampling and processors such as autotune has made the legitimacy of every pop vocal suspect. However, there are those who understand the use of technology in its most utilitarian form. Their perspective places thought and philosophy as the underlying inspiration for their work while they pursue advanced skills in both the technological arena and the tangible creations that only their hands can mould. Peter Neubacker, the creator of the popular pitch/time/amplitude editing software Melodyne, is a uniquely skilled individual who not only commands a mastery of computer coding but speaks eloquently about the over arching and spiritual ideologies that inspire his work. His multidisciplinary lifestyle includes the study of music, mathematics, coding, and instrument construction in the classic renaissance-man fashion. For Neubacker, his laptop fits right in among the many classic writings on musical ratios and the inherent spiritual nature of art. His personality is reminiscent of a monk and his home gives the impression of a being a synthesis of studio, workshop, and monastery. In this video Neubacker logicizes the notion that music results from the relationship between nothingness and infinity after explaining the ancient concept that music is also something which exists regardless of sound. Such musings are a refreshing perspective in an industry which focuses almost exclusively on material image and an ambitious ladder climbing industry.