9-9-09 (An Oral History of Drum Machines)

This is a short documentary celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Roland TR909, complete with mouth noises, narrated by Robbie Ryan. He talks about the classics: the CR78, TR808, TB303 (albeit not a drum machine), TR909, and LinnDrum.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with these drum machines, it’s remarkable how much the sound of each of these classics actually influenced the music itself, and helped create complete genres of music. Enjoy.

2 Responses to 9-9-09 (An Oral History of Drum Machines)
  1. edtrash


  2. Nandalal Prabhu

    You don’t need a drum machine you do good with your mouth. Did you ever hear the sets of beat samples in Slinky CD Rom, has a whole section of vocal produced snares, base kicks, claps the lot. For now, I am happy with the Redrum, its like a 707 on an LSD trip. One minute there is a normal beat, five minutes later its like something from another world. Okay I was glad the day I got rid of the CR68 the 808 was great and 707 but now I am sticking with redrum.