4 Responses to 72 microphone array
  1. efabric

    It’s been made for a remake of the movie “Micorcosmos” in 71.1 audio format.

  2. Barton Graham

    Maybe to record the sounds of tiny insects… Hmm… Sounds like a great idea really.

  3. Henré Botha

    holy phase alignment, batman!

  4. Tom

    They’re usually used for product design to pinpoint sources of unwanted noise. So, for this one you could put a camera in the middle, turn it on and find where the noisiest part is when it boots up.

    You can also get awesome looking ones that has the microphones pointing outwards to find enviromental noises. (like this 120 microphone array! http://www.acoustic-camera.com/images/stories/produkte/array_sphere/array_sphere120_393_5.jpg)