45s in your car

This RCA automatic record player provides motorists with up to two hours of continuous entertainment from 45 rpm records. Available as an accessory in 1960 Plymouth and DeSoto cars, it is the first automobile type to use readily available standard phonograph records.

This sounds to me like a recipe for destroying records, as the needle would have to be pushed up against the record so hard so it wouldn’t skip due to vibrations and bumps from the car…”A revolutionary, record-breaking technology.”

That being said, if it was good enough for George Harrison of the Beatles, it’s good enough for me.

One Response to 45s in your car
  1. Brian John Mitchell

    My understanding is that those record players were more for use while parked somewhere making out or waiting for a drive-in movie to start or whatever than for driving down a bumpy road. So no more damage than the bedroom if the car is stopped.