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Largest musical instrument in the world

This is a picture of the largest musical instrument in the world. It’s the pipe organ in the Municipal Auditorium in Atlantic City.

The organ It was designed by Emerson L. Richards in 1930. It has 7 keyboards and 33,112 pipes ranging in length from 6 mm to 19.4 meters. It is the largest organ in the world, as measured by the number of pipes.

Here’s a picture of the pipes:

The auditorium that it sits in is huge (149 × 88 × 42 m) and has a floor area of 13,000 m². Consequently, the organ runs on much higher wind pressures than most organs in order to achieve a volume loud enough to fill the hall.

The organ has a number of entries in The Guinness Book of World Records:
Largest pipe organ ever constructed”
Largest musical instrument ever constructed”
Loudest musical instrument ever constructed”

The Municipal Auditorium pipe organ is one of only two organs in the world to have an open 64′ stop.

The difference between analog and digital

If we ignore the actual source sounds, a bog part of the sound of analog devices are the inherent differences between repetitions of the same note. In other words, a repeated sound on an analog device will often change somewhat over time, whereas a repeated digital sample will often have a “machine gun” effect.

Here’s a really good, rel-life example of this concept, created by first recording a repeated riff on a Boss DR-100 drum machine, then simply repeating a sample of one of the sounds:

“A short comparison between the always moving analog sound vs a sample of the same source. I used my Boss DR-110, analog drum machine that lacks any sound controls other than main volume, balance and accent level (used in mid position in this example). First you can hear the 16th snare pattern, recorded straight from the DR-110; then I took one of the recorded snare hits and pasted it several times to create the same pattern.”

The same could be done on any number of analog drum boxes, most famously on the TR-808.

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