You should be kicking yourself

Here are 10 gigs that you probably missed because you either weren’t alive, didn’t live in England, or were just too dumb to notice.  Just think, you could have bought a ticket to every single one of these shows for a total of under 20 bucks.

If you had…

…5 shillings ($.40) in 1962, you could have seen:
The Beatles play their first gig in Wales @ The Regent Dansette in Rhyl

…4 shillings ($.32) in 1963, you could have seen:
The Blues By Six plus The Rolling Stones @ The Manor House in London

…3 shillings ($.24) in 1966, you could have seen:
The Bowie Showboat, ‘Three hours of music and mime by David Bowie’ @ at the Marquee Club, London

…£1 ($1.59) in 1967, you could have seen:
The Move, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Pink Floyd @ the Tulip Bulb Auction Hall, Spalding, Lincs.

…75p. ($1.19) in 1971, you could have seen:
The Velvet Underground @ Friars, Aylesbury

…£1 ($1.59) in 1975, you could have seen:
Led Zeppelin – three night run @ Earls Court, London

…£1.50 ($2.38) in 1980, you could have seen:
U2 @ The Moonlight, West Hampstead, London

…£1 ($1.59) in 1981, you could have seen:
Blancmange supported by Depeche Mode @ The Hope & Anchor, London

…£2.50 ($3.97) in 1988, you could have seen:
The Stone Roses supported by The Charlatans @ The London School Of Economics, London

…£3.50 ($5.56) in 1993, you could have seen:
Radiohead @ The Wheatsheaf, Stoke On Trent, Stafforshire

3 Responses to You should be kicking yourself
  1. Harland

    Typo, I think – Blanmange (w/Depeche Mode), or the more widely known, Blancmange.

    • admin

      Thanks, fixed!

  2. trees

    the 1971 velvet underground show at friar’s was fronted by doug yule and featured maureen tucker on drums. no lou reed, no john cale, no sterling morrison… not the velvet underground at all. i wouldn’t have paid a penny for that crap!